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Making a Master-piece

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Making a Master-piece Empty Making a Master-piece

Post by David09 Fri Mar 25, 2011 7:57 am

Audio mastering is an art that calls for experience and skill. The mastering stage of the recording is essential for attaining that perfect sound. Mastering makes up for the deficiencies that may arise in the mixing and recording process. It also helps in maintaining the consistency of the tracks in the whole album. Almost 99% of the tracks are in need of fine-tuning. The mastering needed may be anything from the basic leveling of tracks to the extreme eking or compression. The service can do wonders to the sound quality of the album. This becomes more evident when the track is released in the market. When the track is played among the other professionally tuned tracks, it sounds equally good.
Mastering services are done to maintain the consistency of the album. After getting the tracks mastered, there is no need to adjust the volume as the track changes. The mastering takes care of the minor subtleties, which can play a crucial role in the competitive music industry. Imagine an unprofessional track that is played among the professionally mastered tracks. The difference is immense and is likely to affect the popularity of the track. The mastering process ensures that the track is compatible in any space and not just the medium in which it was recorded. Mastering the album renders it balance, dynamics, space as well as clarity. A good mastering service is one which will get the track to be loud enough, at the same time not eke out the dynamics of the track by compression. Mastering is a good balance of Eq as well as compression. The dynamic of the track are the result of interplay between the two. Both have to balance in order to come out with a professional and fine track.


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