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USB vs Firewire Empty USB vs Firewire

Post by andrewmoquin on Thu Jun 18, 2009 3:12 am

I would like to start doing some home recording. As I understand it I need to purchase an audio interface. After doing some research about this it seems like there are two major types of interfaces: USB and Firewire (I have also seen PCI mentioned, please feel free to share anything you know). My initial understanding is that Firewire seems to be the most preferred. However, I am not sure if thats true, and if so why.

Could someone explain to me whether either USB or Firewire is superior to the other for audio recording, and if so why? I have heard that USB transfers data in spurts, and can't always maintain its advertised speed. That doesn't seem ideal for recording audio. However maybe their isn't a difference.

Any help is greatly appreciated. The type of interface I buy will determine the Mac laptop I buy. I would like to get a MacBook, but they don't have Firewire. If Firewire is definitely necessary then I will pay more for a MB Pro, but I would like to know for sure first.

Thank you!
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