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Guidelines on this Forum

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Guidelines on this Forum Empty Guidelines on this Forum

Post by Admin Sun Jun 15, 2008 12:53 am

1. All topics should be with specificity, and it is all about Piano, music, artists, musicians and about the Piano Music sheet itself.

2. Any use of obscene, threatening, or profane words and/or messages is not allowed on Piano Music Sheet (PMS) forum. We reserve the right to judge any messages that agrees on this rule. We have the right to suspend or ban any accounts that violates it.

3. Any advertisement should be placed on its designated areas allowed on this forum such as referral links or any website links. We reserve the right to delete any other links that is found on the wrong folder of the forum.

4. Post thread on the appropriate forum.

5. Spamming is not allowed in this forum.

6. Solicitations is not allowed in this forum.

7. When it is found out that there is a Multiple User account. The member having done so may possibly be banned from this forum.

Please follow the guidelines stated above. Thank you.


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